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17th July - Shed opening timetable updated (this page)

14th November - November Newsletter added (this page)

16th March - March Newsletter added (this page)

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GVT Website update for November 2018

Welcome to our latest update. In our last report I mentioned about making a new jib for the crane. Well, we now have the finished product on display in the Museum yard. The jib is nearly 17 feet long, hexagonal in section with a taper at both ends to fit the cast iron sockets. The best way to describe it is as a ‘masterpiece of wood machining,’ done in the Village Wood Yard by Pont Bell. Much information for the project came from John Milner, without whose invaluable help it would not have been possible. The jib was off-loaded by crane on to its temporary storage site thanks to Edwin and Riv. Meanwhile, Keith and Eunice have been hard at work restoring the castings.

Once the jib was on site, we started clearing the intended location for the crane and with help from Gwil and his Landrover, we moved the stored timber. The Owen family digger and dumper were then used to remove the 20 tons or so of ballast off site for storage. We will now be able to look at the ground to see what foundations will be needed to support the crane. Once we have the plans drawn up, we can submit them for planning consent. It is encouraging that there is a great deal of support locally to put back something that has been a feature of the village for 147 years. Hopefully it will be finished in time for its 150th anniversary and that of the Tramway opening.

The AGM of the Trust has now taken place with no change to the team. We were delighted to welcome Susan Ellen Jones MP as Guest of Honour. It is good to welcome several new members. It would be wonderful if a few of the new members could become active in the group.

As you are aware, we launched a new journal this year. Due to health and technical reasons, there has been a delay with the next issue, however this should be available shortly as Simon and Roderick have been working hard to make up for lost time.

The number of visitors has increased and is well past last year’s total. This proves that the whole museum project is a success and rewards the trust placed in us by WREN, who provided he grant for the work to be done.

As you can see from the website calendar, we have a big event coming up in December. I would like to issue and invitation to everyone who follows the website to visit us and see what we do.

On behalf of the group, I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.

Chris Pendlebury

GVT Website Update March 2019

It’s now quite a while since we updated the website so here goes.

The big event was the Christmas gathering when we opened both the museum and the Waiting room. This year we had our largest number of visitors ever with over 100. We have come a long way since opening over three years ago and, at the time, worrying that we did not have enough artefacts and no-one would come.

For 2019, we had several group bookings of 20 or more visitors. If you would like to bring a party then please get in contact with Eunice via Email or phone. With two to three weeks notice we can open the museum on any day, Monday to Friday, if pre-booked.

Edwin has also been out on the road again with a new and greatly enhanced presentation and talk on the GVT. This has been given at several venues across North Wales and resulted in some group bookings and new members. If you would like to book a presentation, Edwin can be contacted through the museum phone number or email address.

We have now started to tackle the vast amount of historical documentation acquired over the years. Initially we started by cataloguing and indexing all known images of the tramway and its equipment. This totals nearly 600 items and once completed will allow visitors to computer source images of track, buildings, locomotives and rolling stock. The images themselves are protected by copyright; the catalogue will identify who is the copyright owner. This mammoth task is being undertaken by Edwin in accordance with registered museum standards as we are working towards this.

In other areas work has continued with getting ready for the new season. Building maintenance has been a priority with a new door for Pontfadog ordered from Theo Davies and built to the original drawings in John Milner’s book. Also a flood screen will be fitted to stop water from the road washing in. We have received a donation and some grant aid from the local council thanks to some serious form-filling by Pauline.

Some damaged slates on the museum roof will be replaced and we will be repairing the shed roof on the Coal Wharf to provide more storage.

Obviously, all this costs money in addition to the Insurance, Utility Bills and so on which always need to be paid. A big chunk of this money comes from membership fees and by selling things such as souvenir clothing, books and craft. The latter are made by Eunice who also doubles up as Membership Secretary. She works incredibly hard and without this we would be finding it difficult to keep running as we are not allowed, by law, to charge for admission. In fact, with Keith as Chairman, their home in Warwickshire has become the GVT power station!

Following on from this I would like to thank all our visitors who put money in the tins.

Moving on to our journal, the second issue is now out and has been very well received, a great credit to Simon and Roderick who are now working on number 3. Roderick is the Editor with Simon doing the compilation and technical element as he has a background in the printing industry. Roderick is a professional writer having had many books published. To help with the cost of producing the Journal, we now have a number of advertisers, many of whom are local Pubs, B&Bs, Hotels and Restaurants. This makes the magazine a useful reference if you are visiting us for the day or longer. The easiest way of getting a copy is to join the group. You can do this electronically through this website or pick up a membership form from the museum.

(See Membership page - Webmaster)

I realise that I have not provided news on the coach project, the crane or other activities. However, there are some important developments which are at a critical stage in negotiation. Also, most exciting of all is news regarding locomotives, however, all will be revealed in due course so please continue watching this website.

With many thanks for your interest in the NGVT and IHT.

Chris Pendlebury March 2019