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The New Glyn Valley Tramway & Industrial Heritage Trust exists to conserve, research and interpret the Industrial Heritage of the Ceiriog Valley, and, particularly, of the former Glyn Valley Tramway. It aims to achieve that core objective in the following ways –

 by restoring and sympathetically converting the old Tramway Locomotive Shed at Glyn Ceiriog into a Heritage & Interpretation Centre for the Valley, focusing on the Tramway;

 by acquiring (where possible) and protecting such tangible evidence of the Tramway and associated industries as still remains in the Valley and by creating a ‘Tramway Trail’ down the Valley, designed to highlight and interpret that evidence for Public appreciation;

 by establishing (as far as possible) on original Tramway property an historically authentic and accurate replication of part of the former Tramway and its associated infrastructure – in which context the use of the GVT’s unusual 2ft 4½in gauge is seen as essential;

 by constructing – or encouraging others to construct – authentic replica GVT steam Tram locomotives and rolling stock;

 by demonstrating as moving exhibits replica GVT locomotives and trains on the replicated section of Tramway, as an aid to public understanding and appreciation and as a “Glyn Valley Tramway Experience”, but not to such extent as to render the Trust, primarily, a railway operator;

 by offering an educational service to local schools and other similar bodies and by developing a range of informative support material and facilities;

 by locating, conserving, collecting, cataloguing, displaying and interpreting photographs, recordings, memorabilia and other records and artefacts of the former Glyn Valley Tramway and of past and present industries local to the Ceiriog Valley.

The central principle upon which the Trust’s aims are founded is that of historical accuracy, authenticity and educational validity.

The NGVT&IH Trust intends that its activities, once established, shall function in a sustainable manner, with the benefit of volunteer help, and without the need for ongoing external grant support.

The NGVT&IH Trust aims, in pursuance of its objectives, to work in harmony with local residents and property owners, to ensure that its activities respect – and, where possible, enhance – the unique character and environment of the Ceiriog Valley.

February 2008