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© The New Glyn Valley Tramway  & Industrial Heritage Trust Updates

4th April - March/April update added

12th June - Front page modified


6th August - August update added - this page

27th August - Opening times revised


The Museum has now reopened

However all Corvid-19 requirements are in place, please comply with these requirements when visiting.

Our Museum, located in the Village of Glynceiriog,

is open to the public.


Open Every Saturday from January to Mid- December

Also Bank Holiday Monday’s from Easter to August

Also WEDNESDAYS during July and August

Opening Times - 10:00 am

Last Admissions - 4:00 pm


Closed Christmas and New Year

Parts of the Baldwin Loco safely stored in the museum.

The NGVT&IHT awarded the ‘Heritage of the Ceiriog Valley’

 for 2019

Edwin Lambert and Riv Carter receive the award on behalf of the NGVT&IHT from the Local Community on 21st December 2019 in the Canolfan Ceiriog Centre.

Photo by Jan Bennett

GVT Update March/April 2020

Christmas gathering had a good turnout with free refreshments at Pontfadog and the Museum. Many thanks to Ralph for looking after the Pontfadog building

Over the winter Peter and Mal have been cleaning and restoring the components of the 1871 Horse Tramway crane. These have returned to the museum. The plan is to reassemble them in time for its 150th birthday in 2021.

On the same day we managed to cut, move and stack 80 sleepers ready for tracklaying as permitted by our existing planning consent, Keith also delivered 1000 rail spikes bought by the group. Many thanks to the regular volunteers, also to Ralph and Gwil for sleeper transport.

We also tackled moving the Baldwin side tanks into the right position using jacks and the sleepers we had just stacked! The difference is remarkable as it now looks like a locomotive, though chimney and boiler fittings are next on the list. Thanks to Simon, Gwil, Keith, Jamie and Norman who requested it for a commissioned article.

The site purchase is moving steadily forward thanks to Gwilym, his solicitor and very helpful council staff.

Edwin has been doing talks all over North Wales and has shown groups of up to 40 round the shed. Keith and Eunice are working hard dealing with the flood of paper and emails that keep things moving, as well as doing craft work to sell for funds. Pauline and Linda are following up local grant eligibility. Norman and Judith are making a ½ sized replica name board to go with the 'road coach.' Malcolm has done more work on the RNAD underframe for new rolling stock.

I will end this update by saying a big thankyou to everyone who has donated to the museum purchase. Many thanks for your interest in the site.

Chris Pendlebury

GVT Website Update August 2020

Welcome to the latest update on the website, it is difficult to know where to start due to the impact of the pandemic on the group and its activities; so, here we go!

First, some positive news; I can now confirm that the Museum site ownership has now passed to us. The project has been funded by very generous donations from group members and the general public. I would like to say a very big thankyou on behalf of the group.

Secondly, a piece of the original shed equipment has come to light on a local farm. The hand-powered Winn screw threading machine was used to thread the loco boiler tubes and was bought in the closure sale. Following some conservation work this will return to its original home in the museum.

Whilst the lockdown has been in place, Norman and Judith have been busy getting more information about the Baldwin parts. This has sparked a global interest in the project with articles in both National and Group railway press.

Sadly, I have to report that someone took advantage of the lockdown to smash windows in the Coal Wharf shed. The matter is now under investigation by North Wales Police who have been very helpful. Our local members are keeping a close eye on the buildings.

The lockdown meant that Museum donations stopped but we still have utility bills and insurance premiums to pay! Luckily, Keith and Eunice were successful in getting a resiliance grant from the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales, for which we are very greatful.

With the Museum out of use, Edwin has got on with scanning and indexing all known photographs of the Tramway from 1872 to 1975, giving a grand total of 536. In addition to this is a subject and location index of some 37 books containing images of the Tramway and information. These documents will be available when the Museum reopens. The next bit Edwin and Linda are doing is a complete register of original documents held by the group, which is ongoing.

With the lockdown in force, we needed to keep our members updated so the group pooled resources and produced issue No6 of our journal on time. This is a great credit to everyone involved and has had great feedback from members who are isolating.

I would like to finish on a positive note. The Museum has reopened as from the beginning of August. All the usual Covid-19 precautions are in place – markings on the floor; hand sanitiser; etc, and a request for contact info will be made of everyone visiting for Track and Trace in the unlikely event of someone testing positive.

Thankyou for following this site; please stay safe and visit us soon.

Chris Pendlebury – August 2020