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2nd January 2020 - News Page 8 added and pages adjusted, plus  the Ceiriog Valley Heritage Award to the GVT added - this page

14th March 2020 - Notification of closure for 21st and 28th March

21st March - Closure Notification extended indefinitely until further notice

4th April - March/April update added

12th June - Front page modified


Due to the present Corvid-19 situation, the museum will remain closed until

further notice.

Openings in normal circumstances are as below.

Our Museum, located in the Village of Glynceiriog,

is open to the public.


 Every Saturday 10am to 4pm

Every bank holiday Monday 10am to 4pm

Wednesdays through the Summer Months 10am to 4pm

GVT Website update Nov 2019

With Christmas coming an update was overdue so, here goes!

Firstly I am now, as promised, able to go public on the “big project.” At present, we hold a lease from Wrexham MBC for the Museum site. However, following two years of complicated negotiations by our Vice President, Gwillywm, we have now been offered ownership of the site at a price the Group could afford. We have signed up for this meaning that once contracts have been exchanged the site will be saved for future generations. The result is a testament to Guillywm's perseverence and determination to see the project through. Wrexham MBC have put their faith in the project so now it is up to us to honour this trust by making the project a success.

Secondly, progress with the crane project has taken a big step forward as Peter has returned to do battle with the four and a half ton monster which is now planted in its permanent location. This was achieved by Peter 'H' Mal and Keith spending an exhausting day moving, positioning and levelling with the result that work can now start putting the 147 year old machine back together. The Group owes a massive debt of thanks to Peter and his team. Also, the project would have been impossible without the help of the Owen family and their skill with diggers and loaders.

Thirdly, conservation work has now started on the Baldwin Components to initially prevent further deterioration.. This is a delicate task as the 100 year old steel is more like paper in places, so initial stabilisation has to be done, prior to rust prevention paint being put on. Norman and Judith are working on a long-term restoration plan which could form the basis for a grant application. Also they are looking at building a replica GVT brake van to provide some much needed site storage.

Meanwhile, over in Warwickshire, Keith and Eunice are working away producing craft work to sell in order to raise desperately needed funds. As well as dealing with emails, correspondence and membership matters. This is absolutely vital as without it the projects would not move forward.

Back in North Wales, Edwin has been talking to groups. These seem to average out at one per week. The groups are usually local history or museum organisations.

Simon has been hard at work on the Journal with help from Judith and Norman.

On behalf of the team, I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and say thankyou  for your help and interest and hope you will enjoy a visit to the museum in the New Year.

Chris Pendlebury Nov 2019

Parts of the Baldwin Loco safely stored in the museum.

The NGVT&IHT awarded the ‘Heritage of the Ceiriog Valley’

 for 2019

Edwin Lambert and Riv Carter receive the award on behalf of the NGVT&IHT from the Local Community on 21st December 2019 in the Canolfan Ceiriog Centre.

Photo by Jan Bennett

GVT Update March/April 2020

Christmas gathering had a good turnout with free refreshments at Pontfadog and the Museum. Many thanks to Ralph for looking after the Pontfadog building

Over the winter Peter and Mal have been cleaning and restoring the components of the 1871 Horse Tramway crane. These have returned to the museum. The plan is to reassemble them in time for its 150th birthday in 2021.

On the same day we managed to cut, move and stack 80 sleepers ready for tracklaying as permitted by our existing planning consent, Keith also delivered 1000 rail spikes bought by the group. Many thanks to the regular volunteers, also to Ralph and Gwil for sleeper transport.

We also tackled moving the Baldwin side tanks into the right position using jacks and the sleepers we had just stacked! The difference is remarkable as it now looks like a locomotive, though chimney and boiler fittings are next on the list. Thanks to Simon, Gwil, Keith, Jamie and Norman who requested it for a commissioned article.

The site purchase is moving steadily forward thanks to Gwilym, his solicitor and very helpful council staff.

Edwin has been doing talks all over North Wales and has shown groups of up to 40 round the shed. Keith and Eunice are working hard dealing with the flood of paper and emails that keep things moving, as well as doing craft work to sell for funds. Pauline and Linda are following up local grant eligibility. Norman and Judith are making a ½ sized replica name board to go with the 'road coach.' Malcolm has done more work on the RNAD underframe for new rolling stock.

I will end this update by saying a big thankyou to everyone who has donated to the museum purchase. Many thanks for your interest in the site.

Chris Pendlebury