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Hen Sied y Tren Bach  The Old Engine Shed The Rebuild

Photographs of work on the shed from March 2015 onwards. Captions are at the top of the pictures.

Photos by Mal, Riv, Keith & Eunice and Richard

Before Picture After Picture Work on the Shed  from 28th July 2015 To 23rd December 2015


Work on the Shed  from 23rd December 2015

I have re-organised the photo galleries again as there were too many pictures on the most recent one. I have split this into two galleries. Below is where the most recent photos will be added and the previous photos are on the gallery below it. Earlier photos are now on  the next page.  

The galleries are also presented in a slightly different format. Down the right hand side are thumbnails of each picture; just click on one to see a larger version. Above and below the thumbnails are arrows. Click these to jump backwards and forwards through the photo set.

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